Established in 2014, Camlano and Company, popularly known as “Camlano” has been ornamenting the best of bathroom by applying principles of Design *Quality* Innovation thus result being a perfect product in terms of  performance, aesthetics and user satisfaction.

Subject to exclusions, limitaitions, disclaimers, limitaitions of remedy, and limitations of liability of this warranty, Camlano and Company (“Camlano”) warrants to the original purchaser whose name appears in the warranty card which was provided, that each Camlano product shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) year form the date of invoice issued by Camlano or Camlano authorized channel partners. Aerators, Spindles, cartridges are warranted for 1 years. Petty items like O-rings, Rubber Seal and washers, screws, plastic parts etc. are fragile in nature, thus damages caused to such items are not covered in warranty. On or if receiving notice of such defect during the period warranty, it will, as its option, either to repair or replace such defective products or its part of product remains with company. This warranty does not apply on damages due to usage of fluid other than water. In any case which is beyond its control and unable to repair or replace the item due to discontinuation the purchaser shall be entitled to get exchange with other model of the purchase price. The warranty period will expire automatically even if the product has not been fully used or installed during the warranty period for any reason whatsoever.

Also make no other express warranty whether written or oral, and hence is not liable for any direct or indirect loss/damage based on contract or any other legal theory.

Although internal quality standards protect Camlano against unacceptable quality it is still possible that a minor imperfection or suface blemish is the highest quality obtainable. All final decisions of quality remain exclusively in the discretion of Camlano and Company. All warranty conditions and terms are subject to change without prior notice. This warranty is only effective if proof of purchase with warranty card document is availably. Any reference to any other document will not be considered.