Faucet Technology

Camlano Brand of Faucet believe in in delivering performance through uncompromising quality and constant innovation. With the unique quality features and experience in the category brand Camlano is unsurpassed in the arena of bath.

Aerators are found in nearly all Kitchen and lavatory faucets. An aerator is a key component in the overall performance of the faucet. Here is how you should expect your aerator to perform:
  • Devices creating a non-Splashing stream and often delivering a mixture of water and air to give a soft and splash free flow.
  • Conserve water and reduce energy costs.
  • Integrated Anti-Clogging filters sedimentidebris; Scale resistant material. Regularly cleaning of your faucet aerators, as they can become clogged with silt and other debris over time. A Simple brush and rinse will usually do the trick.
  • The maximum allowable TDS level should not exceed 400mg/L for better performance of cartridges, aerators and spindles.
  • Cartridges are heart of every faucet and are responsible for controlling water supply.
  • Camlano cartridges are 5 lacs times cycled tested to give a longer and trouble free operating life of up to 20 years.(Considering 60-70 operations per day).
  • Wide angle of lever provides ultra comfort and flawless smooth operations.
  • Works smoothly even at high temperature (85 degree) and in various pressure conditions(0.5-6 bar)
  • Our brass cartridge ceramic is made of alumina which is the one of the hardest material.
  • Upper glossy protection layer provides a mirror finish to every faucet. The conventional finish is chrome since this material is most resistant against corrosion.
  • High plating thickness of copper 0.3 microns added for smooth surface to increase chromium quality.
  • High plating thickness of nickel 10-12 microns provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions.
  • 450+ hours of salt spray test ensure our finishes are highly duration and corrosion for a much longer duration.